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John Bardo


"The crack hoe deck tool is the fastest selling tool we have ever had.  We sold over 350 in the first year in our 2 stores. I would highly recommend bringing them in your store it is a great tool for preserving deck as well as a conversation starter and great gift item."
Brett Warner - General Manager
Lake of the Pines ACE Hardware
"To Whom It May Concern:
Burly Man tools are all that they are advertised to be. They are well made and well accepted in the trades. We have sold more than 50 of the Crack Hoe’s and many of the Staple Pullers. I would recommend them to any retail or wholesale outlet."
​Dan Wheat, Sr. - A to Z Supply
Grass Valley, CA
“Regarding the crack hoe, we have carried this product since November of 2018 and sold 57 of them so far ! It has been a great addition to our store. People really get a kick out of the name."
Tim Locatelli - Owner
B & C Ace Home Center
“Work great. I like the different widths on it, we needed more than one size to get between different deck boards abd it worked beautifully. It also has nice deep hooks on it. Cleans out more than just the top layer. It connects to any handle, but we used a sturdy metal one from our push broom so nothing broke or slipped. This product is nicer than any other i've seen that does the same job and iyt's not a great big tool I have to store..”
Sue Marci