Our portable bale buster and mixer apparatus is a safe and efficient method for breaking apart tightly compressed particulate materials and/or mixing a wide variety of materials. More particular, the portable bale buster is a machine by means of which bales of peat moss, coconut coir, and either perlite or vermiculite and the like may be quickly and effectively broken up or disintegrated so that the material or substance may be readily and conveniently available for potting soil.
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How the Bale Buster Works
Product Description

The unwrapped bale is loaded into the input chute that is slightly wider than a standard bale of compressed particulate materials (i.e. compressed peat moss, coconut coir, etc.). When the drive mechanism is active, the bale is then gradually shredded when coming into contact with the two rotating auger screws and will be encouraged to move in a generally “figure-8” manner by virtue of the auger screws. The above-described process continues until the bale is completely disintegrated and all articles are small enough to pass through the gaps at the end of the trough chamber and into the portable container. Once the preceding bale or bales are removed, the room is created so that the next bale can enter the bale buster.

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