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 Introducing Crown Mate

Crown Molding Hanger

Accurately holds crown molding in place so you can easily install yourself


The Crown Mate

Crown Mate Hanger is relatively inexpensive and does not require additional tools beyond those normally used to hang pieces of crown molding.

Crown Mate Hanger allows a single craftsman to install a piece of crown molding, thereby, cutting the time and man-hours tradition­ally required to install crown molding. The Crown Mate has a support surface that engages and holds a length of crown molding while the wall member secures the crown mate hanger to the wall. The crown mate hanger is removable by snapping off the end of the wall member making it easy to remove.


Crown Mate Hanger

  • Adjustable hanger for installing all types of crown molding

  • Requiring only the time and efford of a single person

  • Great for contractors and do-it-yourselfer

  • Made of heavy-duty ABS so they are sturdy and durable

How it Works

Adjustable to the Different Sizes and Shapes of Decorative Trim Molding by Snapping Off the Tabs on the Support Surface of the Crown Mate

Secure to the Wall with your Preferred Fasteners

Remove the Crown Mate by Moving Side to Side Snapping Off the End of the Crown Mate Making it Easy to Remove

Allow Approximate 1” of Space Below the Crown Molding When in Position

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Installation Videos

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