JACK THE STABLE RIPPER IS AN EXTREMELY VERSATILE TOOL for pulling staples and cleats from hardwood floors; or any surface for that matter.  With its long flat tip, this tool's head is perfect for sliding under the base of any staple prying its legs from whatever it may be attached to. Constructed from hard steel, engineered for high strength and durability; this patented removal tool was designed to maximize torque and prevent knuckle injuries. The round leverage tube on Jack's head allows the bar to do most of the work. With a slot to assist with the removal of cleats that are deeply embedded within the floor substrate; how could you not call this an all in one tool.
How the Jack the Staple Ripper Works
Product Description
  • Pulls flooring cleats and staple with ease

  • Fast and easy remove


  • Light weight

  • Easy to use

  • Easy on the back and less time on your knees

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