From professional flooring experts and DIYers
The staPULLER is a must have tool for every toolbox. Pulling up carpet pad leaves behind hundreds of staples adding hours of clean up to your job.  With the staPULLER clean up takes a fraction of the time.  The genius and time saving is all in the design. With engineered front teeth and a rounded bottom plate that utilizes leverage; even the toughest of staples are no match. It doesn’t stop there; unique grooves built into the sides aid in pulling up brads and smaller nails.  And if that wasn’t enough, a sharpened scraper on the back will aide in cleaning off any taping mud and debris left behind.
How the staPULLER Works
Product Description
  • For carpet pad staples


  • Removes carpet pad staples quickly and easily

  • •3-1 tools

  • Easier on back and less time on your knees

  • Light weight

  •  easy to use

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