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Cable Clamp

"Better and Safer Than Tape"


An innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool!

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The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp

"Better and Safer Than Tape!" An innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool!

The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp is specifically designed  to work in any weather conditions, this innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool is superior to other methods currently in use, including electrical tape, cable ties, and hooks & loop products. Tremendously useful with real-world applications, the product is the solution to existing wiring deficiencies in the entire well industry.

How it Works

Step 1 - Separation

Locate and separate male and female ends of the clamp

See Videos below for more information

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Sub-Tite Cable Clamp

  • Designed specifically for use with 1" and 1.25" rigid and poly drop pipe.

  • Easy to install within 30 seconds compared to tape that can take up to 1 minutes enabling professionals in the well industry to secure wires 2X faster

  • More reliable then cable tie, or tape which is probably the most common cause of broken or damaged pump wire

  • Constructed with food and drink safe HDPE plastic, known to not transmit any chemicals into foods or drinks

  • Self-aligning, self-adjusting and self-locking technology. Help prevent wire damage

The Main Advantage over using Tape

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SAFER Than Tape

FASTER Than Tape