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Crown Mate Hanger

Crown Mate Hanger allows a single craftsman to install a piece of crown molding, thereby, cutting the time and man-hours tradition­ally required to install crown molding. The Crown Mate has a support surface that engages and holds a length of crown molding while the wall member secures the crown mate hanger to the wall.

Sub-Tite Cable Clamp

The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp is specifically designed to work in any weather conditions, this innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool is superior to other methods currently in use, including electrical tape, cable ties, and hooks & loop products.

sub-tite cable clamp

Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper

JACK THE STABLE RIPPER IS AN EXTREMELY VERSATILE TOOL for pulling staples and cleats from hardwood floors; or any surface for that matter. With its long flat tip, this tool's head is perfect for sliding under the base of any staple prying its legs from whatever it may be attached to.

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